Katy Perry Tried To Kiss Carly Rae Jepsen, But She Didn’t Like It

In a sit down interview with our Cheryl Hickey, Katy Perry reveals that she recently tried to kiss a girl and she didn’t like it. She admits she tried to smooch Carly Rae Jepsen a couple of days ago but, says “Carly wasn’t into it.”;

All teasing aside, Katy tells Cheryl she thinks her “Part of Me”; documentary will really enable her fans to “see the real inner-workings of what’s going on behind the curtain.”;

“They can see that in some ways I’m just kind of like a normal, plain Jane girl that had a dream and really aggressively went for it,”; she admits. “And they can do it too… they don’t have to be born into something… born perfect. They can just be them.”;

Meanwhile, fans might think Katy is flawless, but the star points out the “Part of Me” that she’s not so crazy about… her bottom teeth: “I’m gonna get braces!”;

And, if the “I Kissed A Girl”; songstress had never gotten her big break, she says she’d “probably be on my third child, shopping in thrift stores cause I love them… and I’d probably be a better cook.”;

Join into the conversation on Twitter with the hash tag #KatyonETC and tune-in for more from Cheryl’s interview with Katy on Monday’s show. Plus, see the sneak peek below!




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