‘SNL’ Backpack Kid Speaks, Reveals Katy Perry ‘Not Cocky And Mean Like Other Famous People’

Katy Perry took to the musical stage of “Saturday Night Live” on this weekend to deliver a delightfully weird performance of her new single “Swish Swish”, accompanied by a parade of gyrating drag queens and oddly costumed backup dancers as she sang the tune while wearing an outfit seemingly inspired by “Beetlejuice”.

One dancer in particular, however, stole the show: 15 year-old Internet sensation Russell Barzz, who performed his trademark jerky, oddball dance moves while wearing a backpack, managing to completely upstage Perry in the the process.

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Barzz, who boasts nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram, first came to the public’s attention last year after Rihanna reposted a video of one of his dances on her Instagram account:

holiday spirit….

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The Twitterverse took notice of Barzz’s “SNL” performance, resulting in a tsunami of tweets celebrating his awesomeness:

Meanwhile, the Atlanta teenager chronicled his “SNL” adventures in New York on Instagram:

I hit a lady😂

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When your mom tries to look cool @katyperry

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Me and @katyperry were lit on @nbcsnl #verifyigotbarzz

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Imma really miss this place😭😭😭 back to Atlanta I go

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Following his star-making performance, Barzz spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his “SNL” appearance, and he had high praise for Perry

“She was really nice,” said Barzz. “Not cocky and mean like other famous people, where the fame got to their heads.”

And while her admits Perry didn’t offer him any insight into whether “Swish Swish” was written about Taylor Swift, he did reveal what he keeps inside his now-famous backpack.

“A water bottle, a charger, fidget spinners,” he said, noting that he received the backpack from a friend. “It looked cool so I started wearing it around. And then I was like, it looks cool, why not wear it on the show?”

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