Jake Paul Addresses His Public Image In ‘YouTube Stars Diss Track’ Music Video

Jake Paul takes aim at being a celebrity in his newest music video.

For his song “YouTube Stars Diss Track”, Paul has a message for the media talking about him and some of the feedback he has received.

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Paul, 20, uses the opportunity to showcase some of the good stuff he has done with his celebrity, like reaching out to fans and his charity work. The new video is a response to recent headlines Paul has made due to his behaviour.

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“I’m sorry for my actions man / I’m asking for forgiveness man / I’m asking you to witness my growth in this business,” Paul raps on the track.

Over the past few months, Paul has made headlines for reportedly being a problematic neighbour for all the stunts he was performing in the area, like setting furniture on fire. His antics ultimately got him fired from his Disney Channel show “Bizaardvark”.




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