Anthony Hopkins On Morphing Into ‘Hitchcock’

Known for his dark, eerie roles in “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Rite”, it’s not so far-fetched that Anthony Hopkins could morph into murder-obsessed director, Alfred Hitchcock for the new biopic, “Hitchcock”.

When speaking with ET Canada‘s Matte Babel about taking on the role of the heavyset filmmaker, the actor reveals he didn’t actually have to put on any weight at all. It was movie magic at its best as Anthony explains it was the prosthetics that really helped him get into character and walk that famous walk: “It was everything for me, because once I got the mask on… and having that big stomach, I had to walk as Hitchcock walked with my spine bent back a bit like that so he had that haughty look on his face all the time.”

But, Sir Anthony explains who he really thinks the man behind “Psycho” and “The Birds” was in reality. “He was a great, great artist,” he reveals. “I think a tremendously humane man, which is hidden underneath all that weight and his reputation for being cold and cruel.”

Watch the uncut interview below!



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