Seth Rogen and Babs Turn the Tables on Rick

ET Canada“s Rick Campanelli jetted to LA to interview the legendary Barbra Streisand and her Canadian-born The Guilt Trip co-star, Seth Rogen, about their new comedy, when the actor suddenly got starstruck over our co-host.

“He knows everybody,”; Babs said. “I grew up watching him,”; Seth explains to his onscreen mother.

Ironically, before the chat, Rick had earlier Tweeted about his excitement over meeting with Barbra: “I’m minutes away from chatting with the legend Barbara Streisand… Kinda got the butterflies right about now.”;

And then the interview took a detour with Seth actually reviewing Rick’s resume with the icon. “Seth likes to call me “Rick The Temp,'”; he tells the very curious Babs. Peaking her interest, she asks, “Rick The Temp? The temp?”;

Seth further describes the gig that first shot Rick to fame, “He was yeah, he was on the music channel in Canada. Literally all throughout when I was in high school.”; Barbra was pleasantly surprised, “Oh my God.”;

“They used to have a contest where you could temp and be like an on-air personality. And he won and was on for years,”; said the funnyman. Of course, Rick The Temp was on MuchMusic for years before coming on board as co-host at ET Canada.

The conversation naturally progressed into how the acting duo came about, with Rick asking, “So you two come from these two totally different generations of actors. What made you want to get together and…”; Before he finished, Babs quipped: “Exactly that.”;

Meanwhile, Seth said how “it was interesting to work with someone from a different generation of acting… and a legend. But she hates it.”; Barbra modestly admits, “I know, I do.”;

After the memorable discussion, Rick Tweeted, “She’s as sweet as a “mom”;. SO NICE! She & Seth Rogen are amazing in The Guilt Trip.”;

For a sneak peek of the interview watch below! And for more from Seth and Babs on their new flick The Guilt Trip, watch ET Canada tonight!



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