Now You Can Smell Like Adam Levine

Maroon 5 frontman, The Voice coach and now the face of his very own fragrance, Adam Levine looked dapper in a grey suit for the premiere launch of his self-titled fragrance, Adam Levine.

The singer’s scent is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart, but Adam says it won’t be like everything else you smell.

“I want people to get it because it’s different, not because it smells like everything else,”; he explains. “It doesn’t smell like cologne. Seriously it doesn’t have that musky, heavy man scent, it’s a little more mellow.”;

Adam admits he was a little hesitant to create a signature scent at first: “I didn’t really connect the two dots before and that’s why I might have been hating on it.”; But, since creating the scent, he has had a change of heart, adding, “I enjoy it. I wear it. I love it.”;

And with The Grammys coming up this weekend, Adam is sure to pick up some compliments for his new smell, if not a trophy or two as Maroon 5 is nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Group. The band will also be teaming up with one of Adam’s favourite performers, Alicia Keys in what’s sure to be an unforgettable performance: “Alicia’s the s**t. I love Alicia so much. I’m so happy to be doing something with her, so it’s going to be good!”;

Tune-in tonight for more about Adam’s signature scent and other news making headlines in your Entertainment Fix today: We’re sitting down with some of Canada’s brightest musical stars to talk about the honour of being nominated for a Grammy. Plus, Chicago Fire is back with an action packed episode next week. And Escape From Planet Earth star Jessica Alba talks about toning down her sexy side to star in more family-oriented films.



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