Why Tim McGraw Is One Tough Trucker

We’re kicking off our week-long music extravaganza with Tim McGraw who joins us at the ET Canada studios, to talk about his new album Two Lanes of Freedom and his rough road to personal success.

With his latest hit “Truck Yeah”;, the three-time Grammy Award winner is driving country music in a new direction, with his version of a “redneck rap”; about Lil Wayne pumping on his ipod, and Tim says he’s excited about stepping out of the box on this one.  “I’ve reached a point in my life were there’s a confidence in knowing what I’m doing and a vision for where I want to go. I feel like I’m 35% into my career and think that’s a good feeling,”; he tells our Rick Campanelli.

Tim is the first to admit he owes much of his recent achievement to sober living.  Five years ago the country star got a new lease on life when he gave up drinking for his family, but he says it was no easy task, especially while on the road.   “I think learning to perform was the toughest challenge cause you know my whole career, you know that’s part of the culture.”;

Speaking of challenges, he and beautiful wife Faith Hill, have weathered 17- years of ups and downs, and Tim says understanding has always been key to overcoming hardships in their relationship. “; You have to allow yourself moments. You know everyone has those moments in their relationships where things aren’t as good as you want them to be. You have to allow that to happen.”;

For our full interview with Tim, tune into ET Canada tonight at 7:30 ET/PT on Global!



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