Facebook Oscars Talk Meter

Facebook was abuzz with Oscars chatter Sunday night and we have the breakdown of not only who and what was being talked about, but where the biggest Academy Awards fans live throughout Canada.

All in all there were 66.5 million Oscar-related interactions on Facebook on Hollywood’s biggest night, with 9.9 million Oscar-related posts, 36.8 million likes on those posts and 19.8 million comments.

According to the social medium’s Talk Meter, it looks like residents of Ontario were the most into the Oscars with British Columbia close behind. Fittingly, two of the night’s big winners that hail from Canada happen to be from British Columbia – production designer Jim Erickson, who won for “Lincoln”; and visual effects specialist Guillaume Rocheron, who won an Oscar for his work as the main special effects man on “Life of Pi”;. The other provinces with the most people talking about the awards show include Manitoba coming in third, Alberta in fourth and Quebec in fifth place. And making Manitoba proud, was Winnipeg’s own Mychael Danna the composer who won for Best Original Score for “Life of Pi”;.

The province with the least amount of chatter on the subject on Facebook was Northwest Territories, while Saskatchewan and New Brunswick were also pretty low on the Talk Meter.

Seth MacFarlane’s most talked about moment of the night was the Sally Field flying nun skit, while George Clooney and Stacy Keibler stole the spotlight on the Oscars red carpet! Scroll below to see more of what was generating the most likes and chatter on Facebook!

Now what about last night’s Oscars had you, ET Canada“s viewers, talking the most? Vote on your fave highlight from the 85th Annual Academy Awards!



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