Do you find Dianna Agron’s absence from “Glee’ this season to be more than palpable? Are you dying to see her sing along to today’s biggest hits? The Killers, as usual, have your back.

The former McKinley High Cheerio appears alongside Brandon Flowers and company in  “Just Another Girl”; — 1 of 2 new tracks from the Vegas band’s recently released greatest hits compilation Direct Hits. Appropriate that the song should appear among the band’s classics, as it harmonizes nicely along with such established Killers fare as “Mr. Brightside”;, “Spaceman”;, and “All These Things That I’ve Done”;.

The video continues this trend of “old meets new’ as the camera leads Agron — impersonating the band’s lead singer — through a veritable museum dedicated to the band. Costumes (i.e., pretty much anything with feathered shoulder pads), sets, and random ephemera (even the bald eagle from “Human”; makes an appearance — er, stuffed bald eagle) are used as a testament to the band that has released a surprising amount of arena-ready music since their 2004 inception.

Knowing that Agron can sing leads us to wonder, can a “killer’ duet be in the works?