‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff Set To Debut Next Year

Viewers still going through Breaking Bad withdrawal won’t have to wait long to get a fix, thanks to news that the Better Call Saul spinoff is set to premiere before the end of next year.

As reported by Rolling Stone, this was one of the revelations from a cast reunion that took place after a special screening of No Half Measures, a brand-new, feature-length documentary about the Emmy-winning drama that appears on the just-released Breaking Bad complete-series DVD set. Exec producer Vince Gilligan was joined by actors Bryan Cranston (who played meth-making mastermind Walter White), Dean Norris (Hank Schrader), Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman), RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.) and Lavell Crawford (burly bodyguard Huell) during a post-screening Q&A.

While Gilligan has yet to reveal whether Huell will be a part of the spinoff, he joked that his one regret was never tying up the storyline of the character, last seen waiting in an FBI safehouse. “We should have gotten Huell out of the safe house.”; Gilligan also admitted that, in retrospect, the perfect teeth of Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) should have looked a little more gnarly. “I really think, all joking aside, Aaron Paul’s teeth stayed too pearly white and pristine for the six years,”; said Gilligan. “Your teeth don’t look that good if you smoke meth, or get your ass kicked that many times.”;

Star Bryan Cranston said he wishes the show would have continued a while longer, but agrees with Gilligan’s decision to end it when he did. “I’m kind of sad that we don’t have another year to go, because I really thought that maybe we could do another 10 or 12 episodes,”; Cranston said after the screeing. “But it’s better to be finished early and proud so that the fans and us say, “I really miss that show,’ as opposed to saying, “Is this show still on?’ It’s better to walk away at a high.”;

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