Ryan Reynolds Heats Up A Spanish Talk Show — Literally

Ryan Reynolds sure knows how to make a memorable talk show appearance, which was certainly the case during his recent trip to Spain.

While visiting Madrid to promote a new Hugo Boss fragrance, Ryan dropped by Madrid’s El Hormiguero (translation: The Anthill) talk show, where he was met by screaming female fans when he carried diminutive host Pablo Moto onto the set, reports U.K.’s The Daily Mail.

After sharing a few anecdotes, Ryan then participated in a few sketches with a “science magician”; who had Ryan pour water on a platform covered in pebbles, which caused white foam to emerge that gradually took on the shape of a life-sized replica of the actor. “How am I going to get this on the plane?”; Ryan joked.

The next trick was even more dramatic when Ryan was asked to submerge his hand in a bucket of liquid and then hold a piece of foam in his hand. The foam was then set on fire, with Ryan seemingly unharmed while he held a flaming fireball in his hand. Shocked and excited, Ryan exclaimed, “That is amazing!”;

The Vancvouer-born Green Lantern star will next be seen in The Voices, a big-screen thriller set to be released next year.

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