Nelly Furtado knows that that Justin Timberlake and Timbaland reunion was “a little overdue,” but is super excited about it finally happening.

The Canadian singer chatted to ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante at the Artists for Peace and Justice Gala at TIFF honouring her (Artist for Peace and Justice Award) and Director X (Canadian Changemaker Award).

Furtado, JT and Timbaland — who last released “Give It to Me” in 2007 — dropped their first new track in 16 years, “Keep Going Up”, earlier this month.

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Furtado told us of the reunion, “Timbaland and I, we roughly stayed in touch for the last decade but then we had this really pivotal, life-changing FaceTime phone call where we thanked each other for each others’ contribution to each others’ work.

“And we decided right there on that FaceTime call that we should get back in the studio, and then a week later he had this beat, he said he wanted me and JT on it, and I said, ‘Of course.’

“I dropped everything, I flew to Miami and we made it happen. We stayed up all night just like the Loose days, just making music. We understand each other artistically, and it’s hard to find. Like, I collaborate with a lot of people but with Timbaland and I, there’s a magical chemistry when we get into the studio.”

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Furtado added of the warm fan reception, “It’s a nostalgic moment for sure for the fans. And we wanted to give the fans that because they’ve been asking for 17 years.

“So it’s a little overdue, but we’re happy. It’s God’s timing, and timing is timing. We’re just happy to be doing it now. Like, I love it.”