Laura Linney shared her reaction to an “unfortunate” incident that occurred during New York Fashion Week, in which a member from her security team get hit in the head by an aggressive fan.

The “Ozark” actress, 59, also provided an update on the security guard while speaking to ET Canada Monday night at the TIFF red carpet for “Wildcat” — the Ethan Hawke-directed drama she stars in with Maya Hawke, Liam Neeson and more.

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Last week, one of Linney’s security guards was assaulted after he prevented a fan from getting too close to Linney outside of a New York hotel. As the fan approached the actress in an attempt to get an autograph, he brushed off the guard, telling him, “Don’t f**king touch me,” as per fan-captured TikTok videos.

“It was an unfortunate thing that happened.”

“Hey! Hey! No,” the security guard then told the fan while shielding Linney with his body.

“You don’t do that,” he said.

Then, as the guard walked away, the seemingly angry fan hit him in the back of the head before looking back at both Linney and her security and mumbling a few words. Linney is then heard immediately asking the guard, “Are you alright?”


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When asked about the scary encounter at TIFF, Linney told ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante: “It was an unfortunate thing that happened.”

“And fortunately, everybody’s ok,” she offered as an update on the security guard.

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Elsewhere, Linney confessed that “there’s always a little bit of awkwardness” on the red carpet, “no matter who you are.” However, the award-winning actress noted that she feels most confident on the red carpet if she’s “in something that’s actually comfortable to wear.

“That helps a lot,” she said of what makes her feel confident and good when walking a glitzy event’s red carpet.

A global release date for “Wildcat” has yet to be announced.