The biggest and pinkest blockbuster of the year will be zooming its plastic convertible onto Prime Video on Sept. 12 for rent or purchase!

Yes, folks, we’re talking about Greta Gerwig’s hilarious and fantastical flick, “Barbie”, which will be available for $29.99 or rent for $24.99 on Prime Video Canada, or should we stay Ken-ada?

If you truly want to enjoy the undeniable magic of the Barbie World inside the comfort of your home, you may as well just succumb and throw a “Barbie” watch party.

Luckily, Amazon Canada is also bubbling with dozens of décor, accessories and outfits so you can throw and host the most memorable viewing party for the year’s biggest movie. To make your party planning checklist an ounce easier, we’ve compiled a must-have list of “Barbie” party essentials so you can relive your childhood fantasies in complete perfection.

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Pink Checkered Barbie Dress

Beloved Barbie Dress
Beloved Barbie Dress — Photo: Amazon

Hi Barbie! This checkered and pink blouse is a spitting image of Barbie’s intro look in the flick so that you can flutter to your sofa with a bag of popcorn and glass of wine in style. Available in sizes S-XXL.

Price: $39-$48, depending on the size.

Neon Barbie Costume

Barbie Neon Costume
Barbie Neon Costume — Photo: Amazon

When Barbie and Ken first enter the Real World, they’re rocking this unforgettable neon-print rollerblade look. Snag your own on for $42-$43, depending on the size. Available in sizes S-XXL.

Pink Barbie Cowgirl Outfit + Wig

Cowgirl — Photo: Amazon

This cowgirl ensemble is also a Barbie staple, and if you wanna flex your inner Margot Robbie, it can be a part of your closet at $53. There’s also a size for your kids if they want to get it on the fun. Available in sizes XS-3XL.

Ken Cowboy Costume

Ken Costume
Ken Costume — Photo: Amazon

Every Barbie has its own Ken! Team up in the look together with this campy cowboy look from the movie, going for $72, available in sizes S-2XL.

President Barbie Outfit

President Barbie
President Barbie — Photo: Amazon

Look constitutionally cute in this President Barbie get-up, retailing for $41 and available in sizes S-3XL.

Neon Ken Costume

ZOKFJDK Ken costume
ZOKFJDK Ken costume — Photo: Amazon

Again, get your Ken in on the Barbie vibes with this matching neon look from the movie. You’ll be serving couples’ costume realness, and it can also double as a Halloween look for a spooky season. Available at $65 and in sizes S-3XL.

Options For Those Who Want To Keep It Subtle

If getting decked out in replicated looks from head to toe isn’t your thing, you can still rock some “Barbie” realness in a more subtle yet equally fantastic style.

Black ‘Barbie’ Women’s Tee

‘Barbie’ tee
‘Barbie’ tee — Photo: Amazon

A simple T-shirt rocking the iconic Mattel brand name is sometimes all it takes, plus you can pair it with sweats or pyjamas. It is priced at $31, available in sizes S-3XL.

‘Barbie’ Pyjamas for Adults

‘Barbie’ pyjamas
‘Barbie’ pyjamas — Photo: Amazon

Keep yourself casually cute in these Barbie pyjama pants, which retail for $40 in sizes XS-3XL.

JeVenis Pink Accessories Set

JeVenis — Photo: Amazon

Keep the Barbiecore style to your accessories, and snag this mini-pack for $20, 16% off its regular price of $24.

White and Pink ‘Barbie’ Tee

‘Barbie’ tee
‘Barbie’ tee — Photo: Amazon

If a white backdrop with pink font is more your look, this tee is a fab alternative to the black tee above. It retails for $31 in XL.

Pink ‘B’ Earrings

‘B’ earrings
‘B’ earrings — Photo: Amazon

The iconic “B”, stamped across every movie poster for the famous flick, can be a part of your earring collection for $13.

‘Barbie’ Crystal Necklace

‘Barbie’ necklace
‘Barbie’ necklace — Photo: Amazon

Be “bad like a Barbie” – to quote Nicki Minaj – with this stylish silver crystal necklace for $58.

‘Barbie’ Tumbler Cups

Barbie Cup
Barbie Cup — Photo: Amazon

Ensure you’re sipping back your drinks in Barbiecore fashion with this tumbler cup at $19. There are also dozens of other styles and colours, but their prices vary.

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Cowboy/Cowgirl ‘Barbie’ Earrings

Barbie earrings
Barbie earrings — Photo: Amazon

You can still get your cowgirl on for a different earring moment without wearing bell bottoms and bandanas. Simply snag these adorable cowgirl earrings for $15.

OPI Pink Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish
OPI Nail Polish — Photo: Amazon

Complete the pretty-in-pink look by painting your nails with a stroke of girly magic! Price: $13.


Barbiecore Black-And-White Striped Satin Pillowcase

‘Barbie’ pillowcase
‘Barbie’ pillowcase — Photo: Amazon

Every Barbie needs a place to rest. Keep comfy with a Barbie pillow cover at $19.

‘Barbie’ Wine Glasses

‘Barbie’ wine glasses
‘Barbie’ wine glasses — Photo: Amazon

Again, you must sip your drinks back with some Barbie finesse! These two sets of glasses, which look straight out of Barbie’s Dream House, can be a part of your Barbie party for $58.

8-piece Disco Balloon Set

Balloon set
Balloon set — Photo: Amazon

Dance the night away as Dua Lipa’s Barbiecore song declares, and keep your space discolicious with these eight inflatable balloon decorations, including rollerblades and boom boxes. It retails for $16.

‘Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party’ Banner

‘Barbie’ banner
‘Barbie’ banner — Photo: Amazon

Barbie would be proud if you hung up this statement across your living space, which gives a wink and a nod to Aqua’s 1997 song about the timeless toy. It’s going for $23 on Amazon Canada.

‘Keep Calm and Be A Barbie’ Wall Sign

‘Keep Calm’ poster
‘Keep Calm’ poster — Photo: Amazon

Every Barbie needs a reminder to keep calm and stay in the moment. Spice up your walls with this decor for $15.

‘Let’s Go Party’ Backdrop

‘Lets Go Party’ backdrop
‘Lets Go Party’ backdrop — Photo: Amazon

Everyone will want to snag a selfie or group pic in front of this bombastic and bright pink wall decor, so add it to your party collection for $28.

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