Tiffany Haddish’s enemies only fuel her.

Over the weekend, the comedian reacted to backlash over her photobombing Shakira at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards last week.

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In a video shared online from, Haddish could be seen and heard trying to catch up with Shakira on the other side of a room, yelling the singer’s name out, though she never seems to notice.

Haddish then showed up in photos with Shakira, including one where she appeared to photobomb the singer as she showed off her VMA trophies, and others where she seemed to intrude on photos the pop star was taking with Karol G.

As the video and photos spread online, leading to some social media backlash, Haddish took to X (formerly Twitter) to push back.

“This soooooo interesting to me. If you feel like I did to much All of y’all better be buying @shakira new album! This experience has Aloud me to realize how truly popular I am. I appreciate all of your opinions,” she wrote in response to a tweet on Friday.

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The next day, Haddish posted an unprompted tweet, reacting to the backlash again, writing, “When people make videos about me or talk about me Good or bad. I just think Thank you all for making me more famous and relevant.”

“I see it’s driving the enemy crazy cause they really want to be where I am, It will never happen,” Haddish added.