Kim Petras has launched her latest release into the pop music stratosphere, and a familiar face has come along for the ride.

As usual, the German pop star knows how to get everyone chatting, and she certainly caused an online storm when she dropped her new album, Problématique, out of the blue this Monday.

Media queen of the early 2000s and entrepreneurial heiress Paris Hilton also linked up with the Grammy winner for the catchy dance-pop track “All She Wants”, a love letter to luxury brands.

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The unexpected release features a stunningly impactful album cover of the star nude — except for gloves, a beret, blue eyeshadow and the album title — by fashion photographer legend Steven Klein.

Kim Petras – ‘Problematique’ album cover
Kim Petras – ‘Problematique’ album cover — Photo: Steven Klein

Problématique is the icing on Petras’ upcoming world tour, Feed The Beast, named after her debut album, which hit the streaming airwaves in June. The album saw the starlet link with Nicki Minaj on the infectious anthem, “Alone”.

The North American leg of Petras shoots off in Austin, Texas, on Sept. 27. The starry-eyed show will eventually find itself planting its heels throughout Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in October.

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More info on tour dates, tickets and other fan exclusives can be found on

Get your dose of pop bliss and listen to Problématique on all major streaming platforms today.