Shannon Beador is “entering counselling” after the “Real Housewives of Orange County” star was arrested for a DUI and hit-and-run on Sunday.

According to Beador’s close friend, radio personality Jeff Lewis, the reality star will begin treatment this week.

“I am happy to say that she is gonna be entering counselling this week, so I’m happy about that,” Lewis said on Monday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”.

The TV personality, 53, revealed that Beador, 59, called him following the incident — in which she reportedly crashed her car into a house — and said that she “is accepting full accountability,” adding that she feels “ashamed” and “embarrassed.”

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Lewis went on to explain why he doesn’t think Beador is an alcoholic despite speculation among “RHOC” fans.

“I don’t think Shannon is an alcoholic,” he asserted. “I think as her close friend, I think she’s going through a lot of personal struggles right now, and I think that she probably has been leaning on alcohol, but I don’t believe she’s an alcoholic.”

Elsewhere, the former “Flipping Out” star confirmed that Beador “got a DUI” early Sunday after an outing Saturday night and “was injured” from “a car accident.” He didn’t mention any details other than she was “recovering” and that no one else was hurt.

Lewis admitted his reaction to Beador’s arrest was total “shock’ given that he’s “never known Shannon to ever, ever, ever drink and drive.”

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“I’m not justifying it, I’m not condoning it, I just am telling you what I know,” he made clear.

The radio host then pointed out that Beador would “obviously” not be attending her scheduled appearance on his SiriusXM show Friday alongside her “RHOC” co-star Taylor Armstrong, whom Lewis and Beador hung out with one day prior to her arrest.

After news broke of Beador’s arrest, some fans observed that the reality star stepped out over the weekend with Armstrong, Lewis and his one-again, off-again boyfriend Stuart O’Keeffe, and speculated whether Beador’s arrest happened after that. While speaking of Armstrong, Lewis clarified that they all went out together on Friday night, not Saturday.

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“I invited Shannon on Saturday to go to Stu’s birthday at Abbey and Hi Top,” he affirmed, referring to two hotspots in West Hollywood. “She said she was staying in, but she ended up going out, unfortunately.”

Beador has yet to speak out on the incident.