Sherri Shepherd revealed a secret as her talk show returned on Monday.

The host explained how she underwent breast reduction surgery on July 13 and had been keeping her new boobs under wraps since then.

Shepherd, 56, told fans on her show, “I get so many comments about my body and a lot of y’all kept saying, ‘Sherri, you’re too top heavy.’

“And I would get comments like, ‘If you just got a boob job everything would be balanced.’ So guess what? I got my boobs done!” the star added, showing off her new physique.

Sharing photos of her old boobs behind her, Shepherd joked: “I had a breast reduction over the summer and season 2, everything is going to be bigger except these boobs! To be clear, I did not get this boob job because of all the comments. I got the boob job because I just wanted to see what it felt like to sleep on my stomach.”

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The host insisted, “I’m so happy that I did it,” revealing how she was a 42DD.

Despite saying she loved her old boobs, calling them her best friends so it was a “bittersweet” feeling to say goodbye to them, Shepherd said that it was the right time to have the surgery.

She told the audience, “I thought I was carrying around the weight of the world but it was really the weight of my boobs.

“All jokes aside, they were so heavy I was slouching all the time. It started becoming really painful, my back was hurting very badly,” insisting she was feeling “better” and that she’s glad she waited until now to have the op.

Shepherd shared, “God gave them to me, they served me well but now, as I get older, I can sit up straight. I feel lighter.”

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Elsewhere on the show, Shepherd explained her decision to resume the show despite the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

She insisted the show had never employed WGA writers, sharing: “This summer you all may have seen your favourite actors and Hollywood stars have been on the picket lines with the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. There has been so much confusion about who can work and who can’t work. Well, I’m a SAG-AFTRA actress and I actually marched with some of my colleagues while in Los Angeles recently. That’s me with Viola Davis, Niecy Nash,” Deadline reported.

“But here’s the thing, talk shows in general fall under a different union contract code, so we’re allowed to come back unless you’re a WGA show. The ‘Sherri’ show is not a WGA show and we have never employed WGA writers, so us coming back to work isn’t crossing the picket line.”