Julie Chen Moonves is turning the other cheek.

The former news anchor and host of “Big Brother” recently sat down with ET Canada’s Keshia Chanté to chat about her new audiobook But First, God,  and talked about her 2018 exit from “The Talk”.

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In her book, Chen Moonves reveals she was forced from her role as co-host and moderator of the daytime talk show following the firing of her husband, former CBS head Les Moonves over allegations of sexual misconduct.

“I look back to that as a pivotal moment of a new beginning for me.”

Speaking with “Good Morning America” this week, she admitted “I felt stabbed in the back” by two of her co-hosts on “The Talk” after standing by her husband amid the allegations.

Asked about that period, Chen Moonves told ET Canada, “I look back at that time as what needed to happen to me personally in order for me to finally look up and see God. He has been in my life since I was in my mother’s womb. I just wasn’t acknowledging him and it’s in the darkest of times that the light shines the brightest.”

She added, “So I look back to that as a pivotal moment of a new beginning for me. When life really began, when Julie decided to wake up and grow up.”

Though she had spoken about her feelings of betrayal, Chen Moonves didn’t actually name the co-hosts who were involved in her departure from the show.

“It’s not important. It doesn’t do anyone any favours,” she told ET Canada. “What I want people to take away from it is that God heals all wounds. There is nothing but love now. And, you know, weapons will form against all of us. But with God in your life, they won’t prosper. And that’s a perfect example. There was no reason to name any names. It’s not important. The real story is love always wins. Spoiler alert: God wins. And God is love and the power of forgiveness.”

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Given that gossiping can be sinful, the TV personality was also asked how she squares that with her role as the longtime host of “Big Brother”.

“‘Big Brother’ is not real life. It’s a game. It’s a competition,” she said. “I mean, when you sign up for ‘Big Brother’, you know you can’t believe everything that’s being said. And I don’t really see them gossiping in the house. I think there is deception and there’s manipulation, but not gossip per se.”

Chen Moonves went on, “And I do love that a lot of the houseguests, year after year, they proclaim their love for God. You know, they say, ‘If it’s my time and it’s God’s will for me to be evicted tonight, so be it.’ You know, in their final plea speech, they’ll say, ‘Thank you, God for this opportunity. I give you all the glory.’ So let it be a platform for him to shine.”