NSYNC warmed fans’ hearts when they reunited at the MTV VMAs last week, with group members JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake presenting an award to Taylor Swift — who revealed herself to be an NSYNC superfan.

The group subsequently announced they were set to release their first new single in more than two decades, “Better Place”, which will appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming animated sequel “Trolls Band Together”.

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That’s not all they’re doing together. The iconic ’90s pop sensations are the latest guests to test their taste buds and dive into some finger-lickin’ goodness on the YouTube series “Hot Ones”.

“We kinda knew we sucked at singing certain things. So we fell into our spots and knew our place.”

As the boys gear up to release their first new song together in over a decade, J.T. revealed that they’re musically trying to merge the old with the new. “For our fans that have been with us for so long, to give them something that felt, not necessarily nostalgic, but familiar,” he told host Sean Evans.

Since the group broke apart in 2004, years later, a new boy band from the U.K. named One Direction took over the globe for a few years. The boys shared their thoughts on them.

“One Direction’s amazing, but you have five guys that are amazing singers and soloists. So when they come out and do songs, you know, you fight about where is this gonna be, we kinda knew we sucked at singing certain things,” shared Kirkpatrick as his bandmates laughed. “So we fell into our spots and knew our place.”

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Halfway through the vid, Timberlake also explains how he ended up iconically pronouncing “me” as “may” in their track, “It’s Gonna Be Me”.

“I knew one day they were gonna invent this thing called memes,” he joked.

The vid also shows the guys reacting to Y2K red carpet looks on top of squirming and squeaming as they suffer through hot wings.