It’s not all that often you see a world famous rock band take time out from a packed arena show to give an 8-year-old musician props, but Calgary’s Jaxon Smith was the recipient of such a shout out on Monday night.

Veteran rockers Pearl Jam made a point to show a little love to Jaxon at their Calgary tour appearance. The elementary school aged rocker has become a viral sensation thanks to his incredibly popular drumming videos on YouTube. (A video of Jaxon hammering out the Foo Fighters track “The Pretender”; is on the cusp of a million views as we speak.)

Pearl Jam became a fan of the Albertan drum dynamo after they caught a video of Jaxon covering their song “Mind Your Manners”; on YouTube. Eddie Vedder gave the drummer a hearty endorsement at the band’s Saddledome stop and even joked that he’ll be opening for Jaxon’s band in 20 years.

We have the video of the special shout out below. (Warning: Eddie accidentally lets a few NSFW words fly.)

via Global Calgary