In April 2009, President Obama welcomed a new addition to the White House: Bo, the adorable Portuguese Water Dog. Pretty much common knowledge at this point, but here’s something not everyone knows: Bo has a trusty sidekick. The facts: her name is Sunny, she’s also a Portuguese Water Dog, and she’s been kicking back at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave since the summer.

And in case you’re wondering, it’s been a storybook life for the cute-as-a-button canine. That is until today, when things got a tad, uh, hairy at a White House event.

As First Lady Michelle Obama showed off a holiday decoration display, fuzzy little scamp Sunny got a tad enthusiastic with one of the onlookers. Specifically two-year-old Ashtyn Gardner. And long story short, the Presidential Pooch accidentally knocked her to the ground. Fortunately, Mama Michelle was on hand to set things straight, helping the tow-headed tyke to her feet and moving Sunny out of the way.

All’s well that ends well, mind you. A few minutes later, Ashtyn gave Sunny a “no hard feelings”; hug. Talk about your White House diplomacy.