Katy Perry Talks Life Experiences, Taking Chances & More With ET Canada’s Roz Weston

To the delight of both KatyCats and music fans in general, Katy Perry Week continues on at ET Canada.

Our Roz Weston had the pleasure of sitting down with the pop superstar, as the “Roar”; singer was more than willing to open up about a wide range of topics, including what drives her to be so open in her songs.

“That’s always worked for me very well and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,”; reasoned Perry about her willingness to give so much of herself on an album. It’s an approach that the pop star sees a lot of value in.

“It’s easier to pick songs like a lot of artists do, and go into a studio for 2 months and record them, but it takes time to have life experiences and then have stories come out of those life experiences.”;

“I do take chances,”; notes the Prism chanteuse. The singer points out that her brand of risk-taking is coupled with a lot of attention to detail.

“I like to know all the details because I think one day I’ll have a record label and do this whole thing for someone else as well,”; explains Perry. “So I want to be a kind of mogul in that way.”;

Don’t forget to tune in to ET Canada tonight for Roz Weston’s full interview with the platinum-selling star, including a chat about whether or not Perry pays any attention to the competitive atmosphere of today’s pop music scene.

For more Katy Perry Week coverage, keep watching ET Canada and click on the “Katy Perry”; tag below for more stories about the “Unconditionally”; singer.

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