‘Bomb Girls’ Jodi Balfour Says Nelson Mandela Will Be ‘Missed Greatly’

The passing of Nelson Mandela sent the world into mourning this week, and for Bomb Girls actress Jodi Balfour—who grew up in South Africa—it was an especially poignant moment.

Jodi released this statement to ET Canada following the announcement of Mandela’s death at age 95:

“I am no authority on Mandela’s life, but the impact he had on mine–on every South African’s–was profound. The freedom I grew up with was defined by him. He wasn’t a distant hero, he was present, tirelessly dedicated and fiercely inspiring. As a politician he led in a way we seldom see and as a man he loved and related to people with the greatest amount of compassion I have ever known.

Madiba said, “A man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.”; He believed in the goodness of every person, even those behaving in ways that hide their flame. He was the ultimate crusader for a world in which we all truly see one another, stand up to greet one another as equals, and live a life that fulfills and excites us. He lived a tremendous life, and that is worth celebrating, but he will be missed greatly. He leaves behind a torch still burning.”;

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