Holly Deveaux ‘Excited’ and ‘Nervous’ To Play Casey Anthony

Toronto-born actress Holly Deveaux is taking on the role of Casey Anthony in a new Lifetime biopic called, “Imperfect Justice”. The 19-year-old spoke to ET Canada about her controversial new role, admitting she’s both excited and nervous.

“Heaping amounts of both!” she says. “Excited, definitely – her character is a challenge to explore. Because I am limited to the reality of what happened in the court cases, it’s going to be an in-depth character exploration.”

The Canadian-raised star reveals that while she was keen to take on the role, she’s well aware of the controversy surrounding the subject in the United States: “It’s nerve-wracking to combat such a controversial issue as well, the outpouring of negativity for Casey Anthony is unlike anything we’ve seen in the media in years. I’m not going to make her into anything she is not. The fact of it, beyond any verdicts in court, is that she was someone struggling through what was undoubtedly the most difficult trial of a lifetime.”

As for all of the media attention she’s about the receive, Holly says she’s “definitely not” ready. “It’s exciting though! I’ve been receiving tons of emails, messages and such from people I haven’t seen in years,” she tells ET Canada. “My parents have been calling me from home a lot, letting me know every time my name pops up on the TV or the internet. It all happened overnight… unbelievable!”

Meanwhile, it wasn’t an easy get for the up-and-coming star who is known for her TV roles in “Less Than Kind” and “Baxter”, telling us she actually had to audition twice for the part. “The second audition was considerably challenging,” she says. “The highly renowned and respected casting director, put me through the paces, challenging me every step along the way. I must’ve done each scene three or four times, each time in a  different way.”

Rob Lowe will play prosecuting attorney Jeff Ashton, who built the case against Casey, 26, who was charged with murdering her daughter, Caylee, 2, in 2011.

The more I was tested and stretched,  the more I knew I wanted this role,” Holly admits. “This is going to be a wonderful challenge!”

With files from Craig Macrae.



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