By Rick Campanelli

The “Men In Black 3″ junket in LA started with a media screening of the 3D movie and a massive bucket of popcorn on my lap – heaven!

Basically, if you don’t know me, that’s all I need and I’m good to go for a couple hours.

The movie was as good as it gets visually and the sound was so big  – it came pretty close to perfection if you ask me.

But it wasn’t all flick fun and feeding my face with buttered goodness – there were questions to be answered – and for Tommy Lee Jones, his answers were actually longer than one word – fun times!

I interviewed the Oscar-winner a few years ago for the Paul Haggis movie, “In the Valley of Elah”, and walked out of the junket room like a lost cat – I didn’t know what had hit me – it was bad…  So gearing up for my TLJ interview this time around was quite intimidating.

Every junketeer knows you are going to get a tough interview with TLJ. They say you will come out crying and want to find a corner to crawl into. Well it wasn’t that bad at all – I actually made ‘Mr Crusty’ smile a couple times, heck he even laughed out loud once… yeah I couldn’t believe it! I walked out feeling great and on a high to continue the rest of my interviews with the “MIB 3″ cast.

It was my first time meeting and interviewing Josh Brolin and Will Smith… what can I say – Josh is one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet. He’ll make you feel like you are one of his buddies. Oh and he loves Canada by the way and I’m sure we’ll see him up here for TIFF in September. As for Will Smith – “The Fresh Prince”- well he is a 43-year-old Hollywood icon via Philly! One of the most talented, generous and giving actors I’ve ever interviewed even if he did just back-hand a Ukranian reporter who tried to kiss him on the lips.  You go Willard Christopher Smith Jr!

Another pretty cool part of this “MIB 3″ junket was getting to put something in the time capsule. Oh and thank you for all your tweets of suggested items. With the help of a very nice alien, I dropped a Canadian penny and an ET Canada memory stick (you should see what’s on it –WOWZA!!) into the super cool “MIB 3″ time capsule. The thing won’t be opened up for another 37 years… how cool is that!

The afternoon ended with a relaxing lounge by the Four Seasons pool in Beverly Hills (hey come on, it was a long day and I think I deserved that much) and then to the airport to jump on my red eye flight back home to Toronto.

Plus, if you want to go back in time with an official “Men In Black 3″ Hamilton Ventura XXL timepiece, find out how to enter here!

Watch Rick’s Uncut interview with Will below and tune-in to ET Canada tonight to see his chat with Josh Brolin!