Kevin Zegers Dishes On Becoming A Dad

ET Canada is travelling to Denmark, the “happiest place on earth”; tonight to go behind-the-scenes with “Mortal Instruments”; star Kevin Zegers for his stylish Dress To Kill magazine photoshoot with celebrity photographer, Caitlin Cronenberg.

Staying modest about his looks, Kevin tells Sangita Patel, “I’m definitely not a model.”; Now, even though the actor might not think he’s model material, he’s put in his fair share of time in front of a camera, this time relying on a little location scouting by Cronenberg to get into character.

“We’re in this beautiful city,”; she says. “We have a couple of locations planned out so we’re actually going to get a feel for the streets of Copenhagen.”;

Kevin recently tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Jamie Feld in August and tells Sangita all about life as a husband.  “Miserable. I hate it,”; the actor jokes.  “I love it. It’s different than I thought it would be,”; he says. “I feel like, now, when I work, I’m not just working for myself. My selfishness meter has gone down.”;

Now we know that Kevin’s not actually selfish, our favourite fur dad spilled details about the couple’s plans to extend their human family.  “I’ve always wanted to become a dad,”; he says. “The more stuff I can do that’s not about me, the better,”; he adds, before joking about he and wife Jamie’s determination at becoming parents: “We are certainly trying hard.”;

For more with Kevin Zegers in Copenhagen, watch below.

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