Rick Campanelli’s Connection To Cambodia

Cambodia: the place I fell in love. It may seem hard to explain how you can feel a connection with a country that you have only spent a brief time in, but in Cambodia, often referred to as the ‘land of wonder’ it is easy to do.  It’s full of incredible and vibrant images but the country’s heart and soul lie in the beauty of the Khmer people.  Together with Speroway, I had the privilege to head back to the country where we embarked on a journey for social change.

It is a distinct country, housing the largest religious monument Angkor Wat, a sight made popular through blockbuster movies (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) but it was exploring the lesser-known sights that had the deepest impact.  Heading to an isolated northern area of the country, Stung Treng, I was immersed in the passion and wonder.  Once there we saw the ways in which Speroway, through its partner Asian Outreach Cambodia, is supporting farmers so that they receive training, develop skills and marketing techniques.  This was social change, positively affecting the lives of the farmers, their families and communities.  The reason we were there.

The trip was an amazing experience.  It opened my eyes further to the resilience of Cambodia and its people.  Seeing that there are ways, even across the world, that we can support our neighbours is mind-blowing.

~ Rick Campanelli

For more of Rick’s life-changing journey, watch the video below.

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