By Craig Macrae

Tonight on HBO Nicole Kidman and Clive Owen star in Hemingway & Gellhorn, which premiered at Cannes to mixed reviews, but one thing’s for certain – Kidman showcases her provocative sex kitten side!

During an interview with ET Canada on the French Riviera, Kidman talks sex scenes: “It’s this passionate, crazy sexual relationship and I think that is why I didn’t fight Phil. I said, “well tell me how this is going to play in the story Phil and what do you want to shoot.’ And he [said] “well, I want the walls to be falling and I want the ceiling to fall.’ I went, “Okay, I get it. These are the kind of people that will make love no matter what is happening around them – that is how chemically attracted they are.”;

Walls falling… passionate love making… is this Twilight: Breaking Dawn? (Sorry just had to bring that up)

The film’s backdrop is the ’30s Spanish Civil War – and what could be better than a film about love and war right?

Spoiler Alert! [ if you scroll below this point, if you don’t know the story]

Owen explains: “In terms of showing these two people and the kind of passion… the coming together against that kind of backdrop, you know. To fall in love on the front line of the Spanish Civil War is a pretty extraordinary thing.”

Kidman plays Martha Gellhorn, a war correspondent that falls in love with Ernest Hemingway, played by Clive. Their tumultuous relationship began when Gellhorn was just beginning her career and in the end she chooses her job over their love!

“As I started to research Gellhorn, I realized what an amazing person she was,”; reveals Kidman. “I knew nothing about her, which I think a lot of people don’t know anything about her, which is one of the reasons I really wanted this to get made.”;