Rosey Edeh: ‘Yes We CANNES!’

By Rosey Edeh

Yes we “CANNES”!! Neither rain, gale-force winds or grey skies can keep TEAM AWESOME from getting the work done!

My first trip to the Cannes Film Festival and I get to go with the Dream Team. Kim G, the intrepid producer who doesn’t take any mess from anyone! There’s Jay-Z, the coolest technical director who never leaves home without his shades or his computer. And then there’s Ryan our camera guy. He’s built like a tank which is perfect for long days walking all over town with heavy equipment and packed red carpets, where you have to stand your ground or you don’t get the shot.

To sweeten the deal we had two student interns help us out. Lily and Rachel proved to be lifesavers! Day 1 and 2 of the Cannes Film Fest were typically beautiful French Riviera days. The sunny skies and light wind made me think, yeah, this is a sweet gig!

We covered the Calvin Klein red carpet our second night in Cannes – cool stuff. Not  a lot of room on the carpet but I managed to position the celebs right where Ryan needed them for the best looking shot. I clipped Jessica Chastain, Shailene Woodley, Diane Kruger and her Canadian-born beau Joshua Jackson. The last time I saw Josh, we were on a road trip driving across California. Again, I thought, sweet.

Then we covered the red carpet raining funds for Haiti – honestly, that was the best, most star-studded red carpet I’ve ever covered. Here’s the list of people I interviewed… I may leave a few out, there were so many – Sean Penn, Paul Haggis, Petra Nemcova, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Ewan McGregor, Chris Rock, Gerard Butler, Ben Stiller, Lyle Lovett and more! Lots of great clips, we were on a roll.

Then I get a cool opportunity on Friday to interview Shia LaBeouf for his new movie “Lawless”; and he talks openly about growing up, making mistakes and that he now finds peace in making movies. Love it when I get to vibe with an artist and get to some truth about who they are.

Then I truck on over to a tent where Kim G. is waiting for me to interview the cast of “Moonrise Kingdom”;. It’s soaking wet, grey and cold. Whatever, Kim has been working for weeks making sure we get the interviews we need, so I  can’t complain about the crappy weather. We get all the interviews done and I get a bit of a break while Kim takes all the interview disks for our super tech guy Jay-Z to fix up and send back to the station at Barber Greene Road in Toronto.

It’s kinda cool. Now we shoot everything on a tiny disk, pop it in a computer and off it goes to its destination! Gone are the days when you have to lug around Beta tapes, schedule in a feed time, sit and wait while the tapes are send out in real time to your destination. Now, a disk with three-hours worth of footage can be sent out in about just 30-minutes!

But the highlight – or shall I say biggest challenge of the whole trip – is by far the forceful rain and wind on Saturday and Sunday, when walking along La Croisette. As you can see, I’m equipped with a blanket – like that of a Hurricane victim – to help me get through the thick of it.

Hence the headline – Yes we Cannes! We did it!

Enjoy the rest of our Cannes 2012 coverage on ET Canada Monday night and right here on!



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