Kylie Minogue Reveals Her New Birthday Suit!

Kylie Minogue celebrates her 44th birthday and she surprises fans by releasing a racy video for her new single, Timebomb. The sexy songstress shocks with her uber-revealing webbed “birthday suit’ in the video.

Leaving little to the imagination, Kylie proves 25 years after her debut, she’s still got it and she’s not shy to flaunt it! To celebrate her prolific career, the Aussie pop princess is getting ready to put out a “Best Of’ compilation on June 4 in the UK and June 19 in North America with dance favorites like “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”; and  “I Should Be So Lucky”;.

The age-defying songstress, who always looks picture perfect, says she is lucky. Talking to Paris Match magazine recently, she says her battle with breast cancer back in 2005 is something that is always on her mind: “Over time, people have a tendency to forget about it. Not me. A day does not go by without me thinking about it. Just looking in a mirror is enough – the scars are moral and physical. I feel like a cat, having had several lives. In my career as in my personal life.”;

And acting is another career Kylie the chameleon is exploring… she wowed film goers in Cannes, both on the red carpet and in her new movie Holy Motors – which has been called the most “insane’ and “wacky’ film at the festival.  Kylie plays the suicidal ex-lover of a man who adopts multiple personas in a limo journey across town.

Watch the video below to see Kylie’s reaction to the Holy Motors Cannes premiere and to watch more of her salacious new video.



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