ET Canada caught up with the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Comic Con last July and found out more than our fair share of secrets from the upcoming film.

From Jamie Foxx’s “electrifying”; costume to Spiderman’s epic new struggle, director Marc Webb filled fans in on what to expect in the sequel to the successful film.  He also spilled a secret about Canadian actress Sarah Gadon’s role saying, “Sarah makes a number of appearances in the film, in a Hal 9000 way,”; alluding to the primary antagonist in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

And now Sarah herself is opening up about her “terrifying”; time hanging out with the Spider-Man cast.

“I play the face of Oscorp,”; Sarah tells Rick Campanelli at the ET Canada studio, adding, “I’m artificial intelligence, so I have no idea what I’m even going to end up looking like.”;

Continuing on, Sarah shares more details about her experience on set. “It was probably the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had working on a film,”; the actress tells us.  “I flew to New York City, walked on to the set of about 500 people and stood in front of a green screen, looked directly down the lens of the camera and said all this crazy sci-fi jargon.”;

What “crazy sci-fi jargon”; did she say you ask?  Well when we coyly suggested she give fans a sneak peek to our cameras, Sarah shut down faster than Oscorp’s emergency breaker, “No way! I can’t do that,”; she said.

Sorry fanboys, we tried.

For more Amazing Spider-Man 2 talk with Sarah watch below!