Aside from trying her best to imitate Godzilla’s horrifying roar (see below) Sangita Patel stormed the set of “Godzilla”; to sit down with the cast and chat about bringing one of movie’s most feared monsters back to life.

Fresh off his Golden Globe and Emmy-winning time on “Breaking Bad”;, Bryan Cranston tells us why he was more than happy to be a part of the reboot.  “As a kid, Godzilla was you know, my creature of choice,”; the actor dishes to Sangita, adding, “I love the absolute destructive nature of this beast.”;

Spilling secrets about the elusive film, Cranston likens the material to another film that also cast a monster from the deep as its lead antagonist.  “They’re taking a very restrained approach to this, much like “Jaws”; did,”; he says. Continuing by saying “Steven Spielberg didn’t always show the beast.”;

But never fear, the actor says, the film will still terrorize: “The essence is present and it’s there, and it’s moving and it’s creepy.  So the tension will mount for sure.”;

Now Bryan might have always wanted to work with the beast himself, but his on-screen son, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, tells Sangita that he was most excited to work with a different beast.

“I think he’s just one of the greatest actors I think I’ve worked with in a long time,”; Aaron says of his dream co-star Bryan Cranston.

Meanwhile, actress Sally Hawkins shares her thoughts on why Godzilla might just be misunderstood.  “He doesn’t know how to express himself except… [by] eating people,”; the Golden Globe nominated actress tells Sangita, adding, “he just needs a candle and a massage.”;

Watch the teaser below and be sure to tune-in to ET Canada tonight for more from our exclusive on set interviews with the cast of “Godzilla”;!