Lance Bass Says ‘Justica’ Wedding Is ‘Top Secret’

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s wedding is no doubt going to be the Hollywood event of the summer, but the planning is a top secret operation – even to good friend Lance Bass!

“I have no idea about the wedding plans!”; he tells ET Canada. “Everything is kept hush-hush… I didn’t even know about the engagement party until a few days before.”;

Lance seems to think the wedding will be sprung upon its guests: “I’m sure when the wedding comes about no one is going to know until five seconds before… which is understandable.”;

As for the music, could an “N Sync reunion go down on the big day? Lance teases: “It would be great. who knows? You never know, we might do a little improve a capella!”;

One this is for sure – a waterworks display from Justin’s ex-band mate will likely happen, especially if he’s called on to make a toast. “I’ll probably cry!”; he admits. “That’s what I do at these things. If I have to do a speech, it’s something that means so much… the tears start coming.”;

– By Daniel Klimitz



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