UPDATE January 21, 2015 (01:36 pm ET) – ET Canada caught up with Marry Me stars Casey Wilson and Ken Marino at the Television Critics Association’s NBC press day red carpet and the expectant mom opened up about her pregnancy so far and revealed she’s having a boy.

“I had a rockier start, but now I’m feeling great,”; Wilson told us.

This year has been a big one for the actress who not only got pregnant, but married her Happy Endings producer David Caspe and premiered her new show.

“I just decide to do it all,”; Wilson said of her exciting year, before co-star Marino reminded her of her ultrasound photo taken earlier that day.

“Yes, we got a baby picture today and he’s very attractive and very successful,”; the 34-year-old joked.  “One of the writers said there’s going to be a new thing where they’ll tell you what your baby will be when it grows up,”; she continued with Marino joking “just by his position in there?”;

“Yea. So I don’t know what his career path will be, but as long as he makes money I’m fine,”; Wilson jokes.

Now, just in case you needed proof that their new show is around to stay, the actors gave us a candid look at their chemistry joking with our reporter on the red carpet about how Casey’s baby really came to be.  Watch below.

Casey Wilson is going to be a mom!

That’s the happy news the Marry Me star shared with People magazine, revealing that she and husband David Caspe (Marry Me“s exec producer) are expecting their first child.

“I’m trying to collect as many pearls of advice as I can,” the 34-year-old mother-to-be told People, admitting her first trimester left her suffering from multiple bouts of morning sickness. “I’ve been feeling so sick, [but a girlfriend told me] showing up is all you need to do. I really appreciated that because I’m an overachiever and I was getting down on myself for feeling so tired and sick.”;

Casey and David (who met while she was starring in his previous sitcom, Happy Endings) were married in May, and she says they’re “having a great time. We’re really really excited.”;