Rosey Commends Martin Short On Handling Of ‘Today’ Gaffe

By Rosey Edeh

Seriously funny! How’s that for an oxymoronic description? Well, that’s how I describe the third installment of the billion dollar animated franchise, Madagascar 3. I flew to NYC on a moment’s notice May 30 and screened the movie at the AMC Theatre a few steps from Times Square. When you’re part of the media, you usually get a coupon for a free drink and popcorn. Although I’ve sworn off the salty-buttery drenched treat, I cave every time! Besides, animated movies are perfect for munching on popcorn!

This time around Madagascar“s in 3D. I don’t like 3D flicks unless it’s animated. Live action movies, for the most part, exploit the 3D craze. A few, weak and totally random 3D effects are tossed in then, BAM! Viewers have to pay a few bucks more for nothing! Not the case with Madagascar 3, which is a visual treat full of laughs and sweet, funny new – and not so new – characters I’ve come to love.

I loved the character Stefano in Madagascar 3 and after I finished gushing over Martin Short’s portrayal of the manic, unpredictable yet lovable seal, I told him how well I thought he handled the awkward Today Show Kathie Lee Gifford Gaffe. You know, she asked him several questions about his marriage and being in love even though his wife of decades died a year

Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and Martin Short appear on 'Today' show Wednesday. Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC

and a half ago! I think he responded something to the effect, “yes, thanks,”; with that well-known broad smile of his.

Sometimes you don’t get all that you want in an interview. I tried to go deeper but uh-oh! I got the wrap sign, time was up!

Then I got to chat with Ben Stiller and Chris Rock, who were paired for the interview. When I walk into the room, I’m thinking I just want to have a fun conversation with two funny guys – so what do we talk about? Afros! Ben tells me he wore a “JewFro”; in Starsky and Hutch! Chris says he has to cut his for an upcoming role, then he plans on growing it back. Each of us reminisces about our hair styles of old – fun times!

If you see the movie, you’ll know why I was obsessed with the “fro – Chris apparently improvised a crazy song which is an homage to the bold ’60s hairdo. Sometimes, a quirky thought flies into my head when I’m  at a junket interview and I just run with it. Sometimes it works and sometimes… Glad it worked in this case!!

Watch a preview of my interview below and more tonight on ET Canada!



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