Russell Brand Rocks The Mic

Russell Brand has been a rock star in the comedy world for several years, so it’s not a huge surprise that he was cast in the film adaptation of the smash Broadway musical, Rock of Ages. But even though he’s no stranger to commanding a stage with a mic in his hand, Russell says there are some differences between being a rock star and a stand-up comic.

“I’d say that rock stars are inherently more sexy,”; he explains to ET Canada“s Matte Babel. “They’re cool because they come out there and they’re like “yeah, we’re gonna get in your knickers,’ and I might say something like that to people. But it’s a joke – though I do actually do it… it’s just a joke when I’m saying it.”;

In Rock of Ages we get to see a different side of the funnyman – his musical side – when he belts out a few ’80s rock classics in the film, including Starship’s We Built This City and Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll.

The actor wasn’t overly nervous about showing off his vocal chops for the first time: “It’s quite relaxing actually and Alec Baldwin was there too.”;

Russell and Alec share a lip-lock in the movie and it seems to have left its mark on the British comedian. “I love Alec Baldwin so much,”; he admits. But don’t call his affection for Alec a “man crush.”; “I love him, but I don’t want to like, do a drawing of him on my pencil case,”; he adds. “Or like imagine what it would be like if I was in bed with him. Oh now I’ve imagined it… it was alright!”;

Something else Russell has some love for – Canada: “I love that place. Everyone’s really cool there. Except for when a hockey game goes wrong… everybody wants to have a fight!”;

Watch a sneak peek of the interview below and more on tonight’s show!



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