Kevin Hart tells ET Canada about that magical spark that he shares with his About Last Night co-star Regina Hall: “We knew while we were filming we had great chemistry.”

“We’re good friends off camera,” the comedian adds. “The fact that we could bring that to camera and elevate the material we were given was amazing.”

The flattery doesn’t stop there! When we tell him his nickname around the ET Canada office is, “Kevin-Sure-Fire-Hit-Hart,”; he shoots more compliments our way.

“I think that office is happening,”; he says with a wide grin. “Man that office is dynamite!”;

But the Love-fest keeps going, and the star lives up to his name by praising the whole nation! “I like Canada, I actually love Toronto.”; And when Regina asks him what it is about the city that captured his heart, he tells us, “Toronto has very beautiful women!”;

We agree Mr. Hart!

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