131207-FASHION SHOT02 0007Jessica Pare’s sultry rendition of “Zou Bisou Bisou” drove  men mad and spread like wildfire on the web.   While singing and acting in French comes easily to the Quebecois actress, she says not all scenes on her hit AMC show come so naturally.

Fashion“s March cover girl opens up to the magazine about her biggest challenge to date playing Megan Draper.”;It would have to be the last episode of season six when Don tells her they are not moving to L.A. I didn’t want Megan to cry —I wanted her to be strong and stand up to Don and not take his sh*t anymore,”; she explains. “Not crying was actually more difficult. I can cry all day long—that’s easy for me. I live for those kinds of scenes.”;

Mastering the art of emotion is simple when you learn  from a living legend, and she reveals one of the best tricks she picked up from Sophia Loren.  “”;They need to see your eyes. Stop moving, feel the moment and don’t let emotions hide behind your hands.'”;

While her on-screen life is in constant upheaval, the star’s home-life with fellow Montrealer, musician John Castner, is much more grounded, “; There’s something about meeting someone from your hometown. you have a lot in common with them. Montreal is a special place in the world to be from—there is nowhere like it so we understand each other.”;

As for where their relationship is headed, Jessica says,”;I do want kids -We’ve been together for 4 years so we have discussions.”;131207-FASHION SHOT03 0012

For more from the Mad Men star, check out Fashion when it hits newsstands on February 17