‘Crazy Town’ Author Robyn Doolittle Talks Rob Ford On ‘The Daily Show’

Toronto Star reporter Robyn Doolittle has been documenting the shenanigans of Toronto’s crack-smoking, drunken-stupor-prone Mayor Rob Ford, and has been making the talk-show rounds promoting her new book about Ford, the aptly titled Crazy Town.

Last night saw Robyn visit The Daily Show“s Jon Stewart, for whom Ford’s unbelievable antics have proven to be an endless source of comedy gold.

In the interview Robyn revealed that some of the sources she spoke to when putting the book together were “in awe of [Ford’s] stamina, for lack of a better word…what he puts into his body while being as unhealthy as he is with the whole other part of his life.”;

“Sure,”; agreed Jon, “and that would be impressive for, let’s say, a competitive eater. But he is the mayor of Toronto — and yet he’s running again,”; he said incredulously.

“I think outside of Toronto, people know Rob Ford as the crazy crack-smoking mayor who ends up on YouTube for doing stupid stuff,”; Robyn said, “but there’s this really interesting, fascinating story that brought us to this point…”;

If you missed it, you can catch Robyn’s Daily Show appearance right here.


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