Tegan And Sara On Convincing Ellen Page To Come Out

Tegan and Sara are back with a new album, “Love You To Death”, and opening up to Glamour magazine about all things queer in the music industry.

“I have never felt like being in the closet would have helped us. It always seemed like a shame to hide such an integral part of one’s identity,” Sara said. “It’s a relief to see people being more comfortable and casual about it. I think it does wonders for the kids out there who are taking it in and experiencing the music.”

With more queer-fronted acts grabbing the spotlight than ever before, Tegan goes on to acknowledge the improvement but calls for more. “I wish there was more queer women making music in the mainstream,” she shared. “I still feel a responsibility to really push ahead. Not that I want to give in or give up or retire, but there are definitely moments where I wish there was more happening.”;

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The duo, who were instrumental in convincing fellow Canadian Ellen Page to come out, explained their role in inspiring her to take the leap. “We talked a lot about how wonderful and intelligent she is and how important and significant it would be if she came out,” Tegan revealed. “I was really proud of her and how she used her celebrity at that moment. I was proud of her for taking the leap and doing it so articulately, but also giving props to so many other amazing people who she had been influenced by. I was honoured to be included in that list.”

Read Tegan and Sara’s complete interview with the magazine at Glamour.com


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