Chris Martin On ‘Princess’ Rihanna

Chris Martin and Rihanna have released their new music video for Coldplay’s hot hit, “Princess of China”;, and we recently caught up with both of the stars to find out how the collaboration worked out.

Our Erin Cebula caught up with Chris during their tour stop in Vancouver back in April and he was singing RiRi’s praises. “You could put Rihanna in a cardboard box and people would still think she’s the best thing around,”; he told Erin, adding that working with her on this music video was like “Rihanna and then this kind of gangly Englishman following her around… So who knows if that will be any good, but her bits look great!”;

Coldplay’s front man also raves about Rihanna’s good looks: “I think she’s the third most attractive lady in the world. My first and second is the same person [his wife Gwyneth Paltrow] – she gets two places.”;

Meanwhile, our Matte Babel chatted with Rihanna about her debut acting role in “Battleship”; in Hawaii at the end of April, but they took some time out to chat about her work with Coldplay.

When Matte told the songstress what Chris said about her being the “third most attractive lady”; on earth and his wife is number one and two, RiRi replied: “Gwyneth Paltrow is awesome. Chris Martin is super fun times. He is the best! Working with him… he’s one of my favourite people – he’s funny, his energy is great.”;

Their chemistry certainly comes through in the music video released this week, to which she continues: “And he’s super talented, super humble, down to earth. I enjoy that the most about the people I work with. A lot of them are very down to earth.”;

Have a look at the end result below and tell us what you think in the commenting section!




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