Hard Rocking and Lip Locking in Rock of Ages

There’s plenty of singing in Rock of Ages but there’s also a lot of kissing in this big screen adaptation of the smash Broadway musical. So much kissing, Julianne Hough is wondering how her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest will react to all the lip-locking when he accompanies her to the film’s premiere this Friday. “There’s a lot of kissing in this movie so maybe I don’t want to sit next to him!” she jokes.

Seeing Julianne kiss co-star Diego Boneta won’t be a huge surprise for Ryan, though, since he’s already had a front row seat to some of the smooching on set. “Actually his first day on set is when we were at the Hollywood sign on our first date and we kiss for the first time,” she reveals. “It’s not always comfortable watching the person you love or who you’re with, kiss somebody, but I think you (points to Diego) were more awkward than I was!”

Ryan was apparently more comfortable with the scenes in which his lady love is stripping and pole dancing, if the gift he gave her after shooting wrapped is any indication. “I walked into the house and the pole that I used in the movie was right there,” she says. “I’m like, “that is not a gift for me, that is more a gift for you!'”

Julianne performed a lap dance on Tom Cruise, but unfortunately the scene didn’t make it into the finished product: “It was such a great number it was really hot and sexy… I’m a little bummed it’s not in the actual movie but people will just have to get the DVD.”

Meanwhile, Canadian-raised cutie Malin Akerman is no stranger to steamy scenes with Tom Cruise – she shares several of them in Rock of Ages including a very tongue-heavy makeout session. “I don’t even know if you can call that a kiss!” she says. “That’s just called… licking like two dogs. It was crazy! Tom and I would break out in laughter just going, ‘Oh my God, what are we doing?'”

Another sexy scene has Tom serenading a certain body part of Malin’s: “I have Tom Cruise singing into my ass! How often can you say that happens in a movie?”



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