Paris Jackson On Growing up Behind a Veil

Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, opened up in a new interview with Oprah Winfrey about how she felt being subjected to the face covering paraphernalia; why her and Blanket were the ones who were most likely being grounded, as well as what Michael did that was in keeping with a “normal dad.”

Although she didn’t initially understand why her dad made them wear masks and veils when they were younger, she gets it now: “I was really confused, like I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask… But I understand it now.”

“He did,” she told Oprah when asked if was because the King of Pop wanted his kids to have a normal life. “Because he told us that when he was younger, he didn’t really have a childhood.  He’d always be stuck in the studio singing while other kids were out playing. And he wanted us to have that.”

On the subject of what made MJ such a normal dad, Paris explained: “Yeah, we would get grounded if we did something bad.” Michael’s only daughter also told Oprah that it was “mostly me and Blanket, cuz me and Blanket would always fight.”

Today the Jackson kids – Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket – are still very aware of their loss, but it seems to have brought them closer:  “Me and Blanket have found a lot more things in common… more things in common than I thought we did. So me and him have gotten a lot closer.”;



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