Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Heading To Late Night?

Crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been the gift that’s kept on giving for late-night comedy hosts, and now it appears the embattled politician is planning to head south of the border to make a live appearance on a talk show.

Although Ford has appeared on CNN and The Today Show, these have been via satellite, and in the latest edition of his YouTube web series Ford Nation, the mayor hinted that he’ll soon be showing up on a U.S. talk show in person.

The revelation came when Ford and his brother, Doug, answered what are purported to be questions from viewers. When one question asked Ford how it felt to be an “international celebrity,”; he responded: “Number one, folks, I am not an international celebrity. I’m an average hard-working guy that goes to work every day, comes home to their family, takes my kids out, supports my wife and family… I am not a celebrity and I don’t like being called an international celebrity. If the late-night shows wanna make fun, that’s their job, let them make fun of me.”;

“But they are also calling every night to get you on, by the way,” added Doug. “Doing everything they can, calling me every night. And you know something, we might go on one of them.”;

Then, Ford dropped the bombshell: “I’m going to be on a plane going somewhere, [Doug is] going to set it up, you heard it here first.”;

Will Rob Ford be sitting down with Dave? One of the Jimmys? Jon Stewart, who’s probably gotten more mileage out of Ford’s hijinks than anybody? That remains to be seen, since Ford has yet to reveal which talk show on which he’ll be appearing.

In the meantime, which talk show host would YOU like to see him chat with?

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