If you were expecting Jimmy Kimmel to go easy on the guest he’s been most excited to have on his show, you were wrong.

Monday night Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finally appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a form that was (to some) a lot less embarrassing than his previous appearances in Kimmel’s opening monologues.  And just like the jokes in those monologues, the late night host held nothing back.


Kimmel asked the Mayor everything from “Why are you dressed like a magician?”; to “are you homophobic?”; to inquiring whether or not his “exercise routine”; actually exists.

The interview wasn’t a complete knockout, Ford had a couple of funny comebacks, the best of which came after Kimmel read out an extensive list of negative comments from the show’s social media outlets.  Quipping, “that’s all I got?”;  The Mayor got a hearty laugh from the audience.  Watch below.

The onslaught continued with Kimmel comparing Ford to LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti doing “Mayorial things”; in a photo slideshow that looked like it was creatively crafted by Buzzfeed.   The bit left Ford sweating profusely, literally.

And then Kimmel asks about alleged crack smoking “the video”;.  “I want the world to see this video,”; Ford says “I really do.”;

Taking it one step further, Kimmel pulled Ford over to a large screen and forced the Mayor to watch every viral video of him in succession, which even for those who’ve seen the videos, is a lot to watch in mere minutes.  Inquiring about his Patois accent in the “famous Steak Queen video,”; Jimmy asked “do you do other accents, or is this the only one?”;  Ford responded to the video saying, “it’s no secret that I have a lot of Jamaican friends, and that’s how we speak in a private setting.”;  To which Kimmel asked “Have you been to Jamaica? I would love to take you there for Spring Break sometime.”;

And what did the Mayor think about being ridiculed on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Ford took it a lot better than any Torontonian will believe. Reporters caught up with the Mayor at LAX while he was waiting for his plane. “It was fine,”; Ford said, “Jimmy’s a comedian and he was just doing his job.”; Adding, “I really wanted to promote Toronto on the show and I think I did that”;.

So what do you think about Ford’s skewering on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Does it make you more of a fan of the Mayor’s or should Ford Nation be worried come election time?