Russell Peters Returns To Standup As A Single Man

When Russell Peters launches his Notorious world comedy tour back home in Canada later this week, it’s safe to assume the funnyman will have some interesting new material to share with his audiences – he is, after all, in the midst of a divorce.

Russell Peters and Monica Diaz at the “Source Code” premiere in Los Angeles on March 28, 2011. Photo: Getty

The Brampton-raised comic invited ET Canada into his Los Angeles home for an honest and candid chat about why his marriage to Monica Diaz failed after less than two years. “There’s a good possibility we rushed in without taking everything into consideration,” he reveals. Russell and Monica were married in August of 2010 and welcomed their daughter Chrystianna just four months later.

Russell Peters shows off his daughter to Cheryl Hickey at his 2011 Canada's Walk of Fame induction. Photo: ET Canada

Russell says he might just not be cut out for marriage and everything that comes with it: “You can’t live your life as long as I’ve lived my life, the way I lived my life and then all of a sudden think that you can just change… it doesn’t work like that.”;

The 41-year-old is quick to accept his part of the blame for the breakdown of the marriage. “I realize that I have a short attention span,” he admits. “Maybe I treat relationships like car leases, I don’t know.”

After taking more than a year off, Russell is returning to the stage and in true Russell-style, expect him to joke about his newly single status. He’s already testing out the new material on crowds.

“When I mention to my audience that I’m not married anymore they all look sad for me… I’m like “what are you sad for?'” he says. But don’t expect his new set to be subdued, in fact, Russell says he’s happier – and lighter – than he has been in a while and recently dropped nearly 25 pounds.

“Then I dropped another 130 pounds,” he jokes of his split from Monica. “Too soon?”



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