Ford Claims Campaign Donations Rose After Kimmel’s “Ambush” Interview

Although most viewers thought Rob Ford was the butt of the joke when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, the embattled Toronto Mayor’s brother, Councillor Doug Ford, insists the appearance was beneficial to Toronto — and that campaign donations have gone through the roof thanks to the JKL exposure.

“I think it is good,”; Ford told The Toronto Sun about his brother’s appearance. “It promotes the city. Where else can you get advertising to the largest market in the world for a whole segment of six-and-a-half minutes?”;

Meanwhile, Ford calls the subsequent response from campaign donors “overwhelming,”; claiming “the numbers came in so high it crashed the website. We’re adding a little more horsepower behind it to handle the volume that has been coming in right now.”;

One issue that remains murky is whether or not Kimmel apologized to the mayor after his appearance, with Ford insisting Jimmy said sorry while the late-night funnyman tweeted otherwise.

“It’s not about truth,”; said Councillor Ford. “All I can say is [Kimmel] kept his word. Our agreement was we get to promote Toronto and he’s a man of his word.”;

As a “peace offering,”; the day after the interview, Jimmy re-aired an old bit in which he and sidekick took a tour of Toronto.


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