Martha Stewart Talks About Revealing Reddit Interview On ‘Late Night’

On last night’s edition of Late Night, host Seth Meyers welcomed domestic goddess Martha Stewart, who showed up with her enormous Chow Chow, named, appropriately enough, Genghis Khan.

Earlier that day, Martha did her very first real-time interview with fans on Reddit, and some of the questions took a racy turn. Naturally, Seth wanted to discuss Martha’s revealing answers.

Among Martha’s revelations: she did have a prison nickname, “but I can’t remember;”; she also didn’t get any prison tattoos while serving time (“I would not ever, ever deface my body with tattoos.”;); and is no fan of prison food, remarking that “there was nothing remarkable about the food at all.”;

The conversation ventured into the boudoir when a Reddit user asked Martha for her top sex tip: “Always take a bath before and after,”; she suggested. When another user suggested killing two birds with one stone by having sex in the bath, Martha approved: “That’s good too,”; she replied, “and don’t forget to brush your teeth.”;

Things took a dirty turn, however, when a Reddit user asked her a question about sex-toy hygiene. “What’s a dildo?”; asked a baffled Martha. When the user suggested Martha get advice from pal Barbara Walters — who admitted (and then subsequently said she was only joking) to enjoying private time with her vibrator, named “Selfie”; — Martha said that “Barbara and I have better things to talk about.”; She did, however, add, “When I get my first dildo I’ll look up some information.”;


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