Everybody Loves Emma Stone, Including Spiderman!

It’s hard not to love Emma Stone! She’s talented, smart, beautiful and funny so it’s no wonder people are easily charmed in her presence – it happened of course on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man.

That’s where sparks flew between her and her co-star Andrew Garfield and Emma admits they clicked right away: “Chemistry is one of those indefinable things so I think it was at the camera test when I was auditioning… it was really nice.”;

The Amazing Spider-Man is set for release next month and with a blockbuster movie under their belts, interest in Emma and Andrew’s personal lives will no doubt intensify. But the 23-year-old is pretty confident she can handle it: “Well I just know that I’m never going to talk about my private life, so there’s as much control as you possibly can have in knowing that my private life is nobody’s but mine.”

Meanwhile Andrew is on the same page as Emma, telling us he’s also not one to kiss and tell. “I just love being an actor and I can talk about a movie or I can talk about an experience,”; he reveals. “I just don’t ever talk about anything personal in my life and that’s kind of the only strategy I think one can have.”;

Watch the sneak peek below and more on tonight’s show!

– By Kim Gonsalves



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